He is understood to be one of just seven players yet

Titans players stood down

NRL: James Hooper says Nathan Cleary is lucky to only get suspended for 2 games and receive a $30k fine with the recent development that he lied a second time.

The NRL draw is set to be revealed on Friday but only the first two rounds.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the draw will be made public, with the rest of the fixture list to be agreed over the following week.

The Roosters Rabbitohs rivalry has been tipped to kick off the relaunched season.

Monday night football, meanwhile, will not return, Peter V told the Telegraph.


Bryce Cartwright has been granted a flu shot exemption and will be allowed to train and play when the season return on May 28.

Cartwright wrote to Queensland Chief Health Officer for a flu shot exemption based on medical reasons.

Channel Seven Chris Garry reported Cartwright claimed a bad reaction to a vaccine prompted his anti vax stance.

The Titans believed he had compelling case for an exemption and were proven right.

Cartwright provided the Club with medical documentation seeking an exemption from the influenza vaccine protocol, The Titans statement read.

was subsequently passed on to Queensland Chief Medical Officer Jeannette Young for review.

Young has granted Cartwright an exemption based on medical grounds.

## ## is now eligible to return to training with the playing squad in preparation for the season restart.

The pair were given until Thursday to inform the Titans if they would accept a formal request to take the needle in response to the Queensland government strict no jab, no play stance.

Cartwright, whose partner and children are not vaccinated, risks being stood down without pay if he fails to adhere to the Titans directive. He is understood to be one of just seven players yet to take the shot on non medical grounds.

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